Saturday, May 14, 2011

occupational therapy a must again

so my right hand is still shaking when I try to use it..writing, hold the phone, and even eat. I now have to try to use my left hand...eating is the most difficult. It embarrasses me to eat in public struggling to eat. At a Chinese restaurant yesterday I even cried a little,,,or was that two days ago. I think it was. Still it is so annoying that I have to retrain my body to do "simple" things like eat, write, and even tie a shoelace.
The best part is that my insurance does not deem me qualified to get occupational therapy because they said "OF MY AGE". ARGH!!! Monday I have to try to set up another appointment with my primary care doctor and see what she can do. MS has a new term. Mostly Stupid because this disease is so hard to treat because it affects everyone differently.

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  1. Traci switched to the Mellen Center for treatment and they gave her occupational therapy. I went along one time and I observed that almost everything they did was exactly what is done in beginner Yoga classes. The exercises were shown to her twice then they gave her a picture guide to do them at home. Here is a pdf that has the same exercises they made Traci do.

    If I come by more I'll send them.