Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A girl who HATES shopping..at least now

The Kenton masonic lodge he is a part of is having its centennial June 18 and a big ball of sorts. This I will need a dress for. My mother sends us some money, some of which to find a dress. We go out to the Lloyd Center to find Macy's and Torrid. The first store we hit is Marshall's; nothing good there. Then we go to Torrid. Some cute dresses but $70+ dresses that my boobs are actually too small to fit in. We spent a long time there and by that point my body is dragging. I make it to Macy's with Shawn helping me walk. We peruse the Juniors section' nothing but REALLY short dresses. Hello I am 6ft tall. Those would just look like shirts on me. I am really dragging at that point but we decide to look in the women's department. Nancy Reagen called she wants he dresses back. I can barely even walk now and had to sit almost every ten feet. It felt as if I were walking through quicksand. Shawn takes me to the entrance and I sit on a curb while he finds the car and picks me up.
I guess I had learnt two things..
1. I have a WONDERFUL husband for helping and supporting me
2. I hate shopping now that the MS limits my body the way it does. Most guys would love to have a wife who said "I hate shopping" but Shawn said "I just want you to find a dress that you love". See number #1.

I am pooped. Tomorrow we will check out H&M

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