Saturday, March 31, 2012

I hate emotions

Why do I have to wish stupid things, like walking normally at parties? My walker is just too clunky to get around at parties and then I just always need the help of someone else to get around, which is not fair to them and not fair to me. I have started to become so envious every time I see somebody walking freely in front of me I just want to shout that it isn't fair.

I would just like to even go back to usuing my cane everywhere if I could, because at least it is not that clunky and if I could, I would do I sweet tap dance number with it.

Hey one candream. Just because I have MS, it does not mean it can inffect my positivity or dreams!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Relapse progress and a rendesvous with a ffriend

My relapse that has been kicking my butt most of February is starting to subside a little. Instead of using the lodge's big walker I have been borrowing, I have just been good with my cane and Shawn has been helping me walk too. Shawn and I went to Auburn, Washington to see our friend Chris for his 7th Birthday but really celebrating his 27th leap day birthday)

It feels good to be a little independent again. Well of course it would be! I miss the heck out of being independent!!! But it it is getting a little tiring at first. Maybe I should take it a little slower?