Sunday, June 26, 2011

Will I get occupational therapy?

Of all the kinds of therapy I need right now (mental not included you smart ass) is occupational therapy, work with teaching my hands to do things, I went for my 1 hr physical thearapy interview at the NE Glisan Providence and found out Care Oregon willo not cover any more sessions. A week later I got my 1/2 hour occupational therapy interview. For one, why was that only a half hour when I needed that the most and I bet because Care Oregon will not cover physical thearapy they probably will not cover occupational.
Last year I recieved a letter from Care Oregon saying that I am only alloted 4 sessions of PT AND 9 SESSIONS OF OT! And the reason they noted? BECAUSE OF MY AGE! like I purpsosly said to God, "He I want an incurable s=disease that limits my bodily fuctions like walking and now eating and even makes it hard to brush my teeth and type,

Thank you for not helping Care Oregon andf Oregon Medicaid as a whole. I am sorry I got MS at a young age!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

a long long road

so my shaking right hand has gotten so bad eating, writing, and even usuing me computer and even Shawn's PC. Also found out I have almost dangerously low levels of the thyroid hormone. I think I am I am brokrn. Ich bin Kaputt! It is even shaking so bad I cannot hit the spellcheck button.