Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A girl who HATES shopping..at least now

The Kenton masonic lodge he is a part of is having its centennial June 18 and a big ball of sorts. This I will need a dress for. My mother sends us some money, some of which to find a dress. We go out to the Lloyd Center to find Macy's and Torrid. The first store we hit is Marshall's; nothing good there. Then we go to Torrid. Some cute dresses but $70+ dresses that my boobs are actually too small to fit in. We spent a long time there and by that point my body is dragging. I make it to Macy's with Shawn helping me walk. We peruse the Juniors section' nothing but REALLY short dresses. Hello I am 6ft tall. Those would just look like shirts on me. I am really dragging at that point but we decide to look in the women's department. Nancy Reagen called she wants he dresses back. I can barely even walk now and had to sit almost every ten feet. It felt as if I were walking through quicksand. Shawn takes me to the entrance and I sit on a curb while he finds the car and picks me up.
I guess I had learnt two things..
1. I have a WONDERFUL husband for helping and supporting me
2. I hate shopping now that the MS limits my body the way it does. Most guys would love to have a wife who said "I hate shopping" but Shawn said "I just want you to find a dress that you love". See number #1.

I am pooped. Tomorrow we will check out H&M

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

coffee drenched feet

so this morning was a not-so0fun morning. After a restless night and my inability to get up I finally did. Luckily one of my roommates made some coffee earlier and the pot was still warming on the burner. This morning was a much needed coffee moment. I pour myself a tall cup of coffee and as I got to pick it up, I tilt the tall cup of coffee all over the floor and my feet. AWESOME As I am cursing the heavens and this stupid disease I clean up the floor and towel off my feet and go into the bedroom. I say to Shawn "You will never believe what I did this morning." "Did you spill the coffee?" "How'd you know?" I asked. "You smell like it." he said. So I put on my bathrobe to take a shower. It is hard to clean off my feet while standing in the shower so I sit down to give my feet a much needed scrub. My feet are finally clean of coffee smell but my legs did not have the power to stand.
I cry and keep trying but I just cannot do it. Eventually, after sobbing a bit and giving my legs a short rest, Shawn helps pick me up onto my feet and guide me over the tub walls.
After sobbing a bit more I put on my dry, coffee free clothes and sit in the front room where Shawn brings me some coffee...TO DRINK!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

occupational therapy a must again

so my right hand is still shaking when I try to use it..writing, hold the phone, and even eat. I now have to try to use my left hand...eating is the most difficult. It embarrasses me to eat in public struggling to eat. At a Chinese restaurant yesterday I even cried a little,,,or was that two days ago. I think it was. Still it is so annoying that I have to retrain my body to do "simple" things like eat, write, and even tie a shoelace.
The best part is that my insurance does not deem me qualified to get occupational therapy because they said "OF MY AGE". ARGH!!! Monday I have to try to set up another appointment with my primary care doctor and see what she can do. MS has a new term. Mostly Stupid because this disease is so hard to treat because it affects everyone differently.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

pets and a wonky chair

so it has been a while since I have updated this blog because I use my husband's computer and his wonky computer chair is broken. We call this chair the "Super Adventure Chair" because it is held together by one bolt.
Anyways I finished watching an episode of Doctor Who and was about to nap when our cat Monday jumped down to lie on me and had Paul's cat at my feet. Monday was purring and I said "I love you Monday. I love all my pets. You guys really help me get through the hard times. I am also lucky to have found Shawn and so many good friends."
And then it dawned on me. I have met so many good friends here. Shawn's lodge feels like family. I miss my parents but I know when they visit they will understand. I have met great friends, great doctors who actually keep me in the loop with this disease, wonderful, breathtaking nature, a great climate, fresh food...

Grass is greener on the other side. I could never move back. This IS our home now

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wow It truly is more surprises

The shaky hand has slowly seemed better. A little stagnant at times but I refused to think that. Well today it has gotten worse. I guess MS just wants to make life more interesting??

It took me 10 mins to hook my bra up today...again. And I was falling all over my bedroom. Luckily I just kept falling on the bed. I am so used to falling that I fall gracefully and aim to land in the least painful way. *sigh*

but hey I think I want to become a positive speaker. Heck if MS wants to steal my dreams of travelling the world as an art history professor, why not travel the world as a positive speaker about MS. Maybe even write a book or have someone write the book for me, because even this takes a bit out of me. We shall see