Wednesday, May 18, 2011

coffee drenched feet

so this morning was a not-so0fun morning. After a restless night and my inability to get up I finally did. Luckily one of my roommates made some coffee earlier and the pot was still warming on the burner. This morning was a much needed coffee moment. I pour myself a tall cup of coffee and as I got to pick it up, I tilt the tall cup of coffee all over the floor and my feet. AWESOME As I am cursing the heavens and this stupid disease I clean up the floor and towel off my feet and go into the bedroom. I say to Shawn "You will never believe what I did this morning." "Did you spill the coffee?" "How'd you know?" I asked. "You smell like it." he said. So I put on my bathrobe to take a shower. It is hard to clean off my feet while standing in the shower so I sit down to give my feet a much needed scrub. My feet are finally clean of coffee smell but my legs did not have the power to stand.
I cry and keep trying but I just cannot do it. Eventually, after sobbing a bit and giving my legs a short rest, Shawn helps pick me up onto my feet and guide me over the tub walls.
After sobbing a bit more I put on my dry, coffee free clothes and sit in the front room where Shawn brings me some coffee...TO DRINK!

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