Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sniling at the zenful times in life

Just recently I had a bout of constipation due to MS...such fun right? Seriously 5 days clogged up. On the fifth day I drank day old coffee which eased it free. Lol I am sorry for being so graphic but you know what, it is a part of life. When I pooed I smiled a big ol' grin. Like "Oh thank goodness"!
Pooping is very zenful I think. It is the expulsion of the bad. I ad posted a question on how others deal with constipation on the National M.D. Foundation on Facebook and I received so many great hints and comments! I do want to thank everyone for their suggestions. It is an issue that people with MS deal with because the signal from the brain is not connecting or sending as it should.

All in all, my message is that with MS you are thankful for such little things but to us, they are big!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

unrealistic worries

For some reason the worry of me having another seizure popped into my head. I had one seizure like 3 or 4 years ago in Madison Wisconsin when we were visiting our friends. I remember sitting in a chair ad Shawn and Alex talking about bikes while I looked out the window, watching a squirrel, when I started to get panicky. Then I come to in an ER and some nurse says in a Minnesotian accent , "Oh I hear you had a seizure, eh?" The doc put me on anti-seizure meds until I could get back to Cleveland and see my neurologist. They made me feel zombified. I ask my doc to take me off of them. He did, and I haven;t had a seizure since. For some reason though, sometimes I fear having another. See...unrealistic!
I guess with life, I should just sit back and enjoy the ride

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Shaking hand no more?

Had a morning Hypnotherapy sesasion with Richard Chase. He mainly concentrated on the tremors in my right hand. At first I did not feel that I was that under but I was. I remember him telling me to imagine workers in my body to fix the wires in my brain and spinal cord. For those workers to insulate those wires. Something I can always have them go back and do if I need.

End result? My hand is not really shaky, it happens few and far between moments. I ate my lunch with my right hand again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once again, "hello hand" Richard has helped with both hands now. A year ago with my left hand and now with my right.