Friday, February 25, 2011

Keep those toes a wiggling!

When I had my left side of my body basically go numb and I couldn't even pick up my legs when I walked, I walked like Igor. Months later was when I could not even walk one day and Shawn drove me straight to the ER. They started me on an IV of stereoids which lasted about 5-6 weeks. After a short while on the stereoids I could slowly move my body a bit more every day. My father installed me with great but simple wisdom- "Keep those toes a-wiggling". And you better believe I did!! Now even today when my range of motion is a lot better than it was then I still keep them wiggling. It is like the saying "If you don't use it you lose it"? well not exactly but I think now that I can do it I want my body to keep remembering how to do things. I mean when I was in the hosoital they had to retrain me to tie a shoelace and button a button.

When your body has a new disability you have to re-teach your body how todo it, even if it is the simplest thing. So don't take tying your dhoelaces for granted because there are grown people out there who have a disability that prevents them from doing it, which has made me cry because even a 5 year old can do it! But after re-learning how to do it with your disabiity you must remain patient. MS did teach me one very important lesson-PATIENCE!

So this is why I cannot sleep with socks on. I need to have freedom of my toes so I can keep them a-wiggling.

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