Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dpn't Cry Over Spillt Coffee

The other day I made a great cup of hazelnut coffee and I had to carry the mug over to the futon where I was sitting. Well my hand all of a sudden got shaky and I spill the coffee in a few spots till I make it to the table. When I finally get there I go to set the mug down and end up setting it crooked. Well the entire mug's contents spill all over the table!!! I run to the linen closet to get a towel to dry the table as I shed some tears. But that only lasts a while until I remember I still have
e some coffee left in the pot. ack Was not an emergency! :)

Now today as I noticed something on the floor which I thought was a dish, my legs gave out, fell smack dab on my ass. Shawn is helpful asking me "Are you OK?" My lower back hurt a bit from falling but Overall I was OK. "I can get up but I just want to sit a second." Well I do-until I realize my butt is soaked because I spilled my cup of water on the floor 1st. Will no wonder pain can be a symptom of MS. We fall often and it sometimes hurts. Thing is remember it could always be worse.

I am healthier now that I have MS. I quit smoking, eat healthier, a lot healthier, ride my stationary recumbent 3 days a week for 30 mins and have other exercises I have to do. I have a great husband, friends, and family as a support system! That is what keeps me so strong through all of it. Well I am strong too but it helps!

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