Thursday, February 10, 2011

the decision

I think I have decided to go with Rebiff for my change of MS medication. It does not seem as strong and extreme as Tsyabri. Tysabri has a ton of side effects and is a heck of a lot stronger and dangerous. Copaxone was a great starter level but did not stop more lesions. Rebiff would be the next level because it is stronger than Copaxone but not as strong as Tysabri. if the Rebiff doesn't work then I can take Tysabri. Feels good to know my path and to know that it is a logical path and will be the right one.

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  1. spoke to my old neurologist Marc Winkleman who had called to tell me the alcohol swabs have been recalled. Anyways I mentioned my decision between Rebiff and Tsyabri and he agrees. says Tsyabri is scary because of the chance of PML disease that affects your brain if you have the disease there. if you have the JC virus, which is harmless by itself, 50-70% have it but it does not do anything alone. With Tsyabri though it could cause severe damage or even death. Rebiff seems like the right option!