Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Foot drop again?!

So since yesterday evening I once again am dragging my left foot a little behind me. It could be because I am stressed out over finding a roommate, maybe because I have been prescribed to ampyra or because of that epic fall yesterday.

That being said our coffee pot broke, AGAIN. The same scenario too. So we are using someone else coffee pot they have here; one without a lid. Well the coffee was made for me. Which rocks but it was filled all the way up so I started to spill it before even being able to pour any in the cup. As opposed to this, I had to pour some out just so I could pour some into my cup. I eventually got some in there but the cup was scalding hot because I spilt coffee on it. I had the hardest and slowest journey to set down the cup, sadly crying over it. no sense in crying over spilt milk, but good god man. It was coffee!

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