Monday, February 13, 2012

Appointment today

I had my neurologist appointment today followed by my research study "Wellness and MS". Overall good appointment.Was given prescriptions for Ampryia, a vitamin D at a higher level and a prescription to fight the tremors. My doctor said I am precious, which was very sweet.

Then had my appointment for the research study and it was a lot of filling in information about my mood and then a blood draw. Well the woman giving my the blood draw was kinda bad and could not get anything. Sheesh. And I did not get paid for it, which kinda sucked but I feel good for providing my info.

Oh yeah and had an epic fall n our way to the room we did this in. My foot caught on the carpet near the elevators and I started to fall. As I was falling I reach out to grab anything or anyone to stop me from falling. Well it was a man in his early 60s that I fell into. OK I clung on to the poor man but then ended up falling anyways. Not only did I hurt my back a little but I also injured my dignity

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