Thursday, July 7, 2011

Little victories

I write in celebration of my own little victories. You know those caps that you need to pull off to pour out the toothpaste in many cases? I was having the hardest time putting them back on so I would leave it open, hence the toothpaste tube would have dried toothpaste on it and be unsightly. Colgate has the flip-top lid so I would try to get that one. Well after running out of toothpaste the cheapest brand was one with the normal lid. Lately I have been able to put the lid back on with no trouble! I am now so excited about this every time. You have to celebrate the little victories in life.

By the way I just had my four year anniversary on the 5th. I found out I have MS "inconclusively' though. Did not have insurance and instead of referring me to medicaid I had to keep it a secret until I could they said. Thank you Cleveland Clinic because after I had foot drop where I walked like Igor, fell A LOT, and once pissed myself, I couldn't walk and they took me to Metro when they got me on steroids and on medicaid. Anyways my dear friend Trina and my mom were at the Mellen Center when they first diagnosed me and I couldn't begin to even thank them for how much it meant to me to have them there.

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