Friday, April 8, 2011

Fighting MS with hypnotherapy

Long story short-my right hand started shaking uncontrollably, sometimes super fast. Although it gave a reason why I have horrible penmanship this was REALLY annoying. It made it hard to hold a phone and do my daily Copaxone shot.
Dr. Richard Chase of Chase the Mind Hypnosis had heard of my troubles, since he is a good friend,and offered to do some more hypnotherapy. He had done this for me before when my left hand was shaky and dull in sensation. After that first session I had full feeling in my left hand and it was not shaking anymore, uncontrollably,

So during this most recent session I did have trouble relaxing at first because my right hand was shaking hard. After the session my hand, although not completely better yet I was told it will take a bit but every day will get better. The evening after the session my hand was still shaking pretty hard but each day it is getting better. Although I still shake and my penmanship is still hard to do, I am so very hopeful because today was much better than when I saw him. which makes me hopeful. I go back to his office next Wednesday. I know this will get better and I believe if you can tell your body in this it will, just like quitting smoking, and dealing with stress.

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