Wednesday, October 5, 2011

trying to stay afloat

So I have been Raily busy with doing or having done two research studies and soon to be a third. One for balance and MS, Lipoic acid study, and willo soon do a motion and MS. The money I make on the lipoic acid study will go towards getting me a new passport. I sew no point in me getting a state ID here i Oregon when $50 more can get mne a passport.I am not doing these studies for the money though. I figure all I really do usually is play video games, watch something, read or nap. Why not help the research with MS?!

I am trying to not be sad about this, but i SEE HOW MUCH THIS DISEASE HURTS THE ONES I love when I am not doing well. I try to be happy or at least put on a smile even when I am not feeling that great because that smile will go to the person i AM SMILING TO, AND Come back to me. I am sorry about the caps. I have rewritten this post so many times, I just don't care.

ack I am trying to be the happy goth girl still but it is getting harder


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  1. you are my hero. I just want you to know that. You really are. *hugs* Don't give up that positive spirit.I know it's hard...and I know it must be hard for your loved ones to see you at your worst, but they are there for you no matter what, so that should make you feel good.

    You'll always be that happy goth girl to me beb. Always. *hugstight*